• Valuation

KJPP Aditya Iskandar & Rekan provides independent, professional, and all types of property. Our valuation division maintains a team of highly qualified valuers . This enables us to provide our clients with authoritative valuation reports and reliable information on property values.Valuations are prepared for variety of purposes:
Financial / mortgaged loans
Public listing
Acquisition / disposals
Merger / takeover
Insurance placement
Fair rental determination
Leasehold interest
Accounting / balance sheet purposes
Debt Restructuring


Monitoring the utilization of funds during construction is the last leg of what we call our “loan orient ed services” triangle (feasibility study – valuation – monitoring). We report to our clients on the progress of the project, cost overruns, timeliness of the construction, and also give advise on the disbursement of the fund.
Our experience covers a wide spectrum of responsibility. To conduct those challenging works, we employ a number of dedicated field inspectors who are experienced in noticing inefficiencies and discrepancies in construction.


KJPP Aditya Iskandar & Rekan provides strategic advice on property investment opportunities. Successful investments and developments invariably require an understanding of numerous factors which affect the property market
We provide a comprehensive market overview of major market sectors whether on regional or local basis. The division is also comprised of highly trained professionals with insight of experienced technocrats and property practitioners.


KJPP Aditya Iskandar & Rekan has an extensive experience in undertaking feasibility study. The study covers both economic and technical aspect of the projects. The feasibility study is undertaken in a professional manner that KJPP has no interest at all to make any studies become feasible.


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